5 ways to Customise your Kitchen

The kitchen is often said to be the heart of the home, so it's a shame when they feel, well, heartless. Although it's a work space, a kitchen is more than the sum of its functional parts. Make sure yours works for you and reflects your style with these tips for customization in the kitchen.

Try the hardware switcheroo.

It's an easy change to make (and maybe a cop-out on a post like this), but it's surprising to me how many people just don't bother. Boring, dated and just plain ugly hardware abounds in kitchens the world over, and it's  to change them out for something that makes your heart sing. For example,  would of course still be lovely with plain hardware, but it's kicked up 10 notches with brushed brass pulls.

Add a surprise splash of color.

I can understand not wanting your kitchen (which is a work space, after all), to look like a kaleidoscope of color. But a secret splash of it whenever you open a cupboard? That's a beautiful thing. Valspar's Sea Swell is a welcome jolt in . On a recent project of mine, we painted the insides of the cupboards a vibrant teal, which went perfectly with the reserved navy on the outsides.

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